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What Can I Expect?


Oct 10

Our Initial Contact

We will happily discuss your pet's needs and confirm we are the right service for you. Once you are ready to set up your services, a brief overview of our Client Care Program will be provided and followed up with important documents to be completed prior to our Meet & Greet appointment.


Oct 10

Complimentary Meet & Greet

Our first meeting is a "getting to know the family" appointment. We will set up a convenient time when we can visit with you and your pets and review our documents. This process allows, not only you, but your pets to get to know us in the comfort of their own environment. Our "Meet and Greet" also allows us to observe the pets and take notes that we may not otherwise be privy to over the phone. At Daniela's Pet Sitting Services, LLC, we are focused on providing pet care services with the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Oct 10

Expect to Provide two (2) key copies

Please have two (2) keys to the entrance we are to use tested and ready to be picked up during our Meet & Greet. One key stays with your primary pet care provider and the other stays in the office. If you find the keys are sticky or difficult to slide in and out, try some WD-40 spray in the cylinder. 

If you prefer not to have us keep your keys, a Pickup/Drop Off key charge as noted below will be incurred. Please note we do not accept garage door openers in lieu of keys. If there was a power outage we would not be able to get into the house and take care of your pets.


Oct 10

Enjoy YourTime Away

While you are away, our professional pet sitters/dog walkers will be providing loving and attentive care to your pets. Our Client Care program will be in full effect and Pet Care Journals will be e-mailed after every visit. Feel free to comment or communicate directly with your sitter as often or as little as you would like.

Services & Rates

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Our Services

Browse our services below

In Your Home Pet Sitting  

(30-45 Mins)

While you are away, our time together provides for mental stimulation and exercise which is an important daily necessity in keeping your pets healthy and happy.  While you are away, our time together provide for mental stimulation and exercise which is an important daily necessity in keeping your pets healthy and happy. While at your home, we will also provide basic home care, such as watering your plants, alternating the lights, bringing in the mail and taking out your trash toter on trash day.

Daily Cat Visits with our sitter offers patience and trust allowing the cats to get to know our sitters on their terms.  

1-2 Pets $23/Visit

3-4 Pets $26/Visit

All pocket pets are included

Special pricing for larger pet families

Dog Walks & Potty Breaks for Working Parents 

(20 & 30 Mins)

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time when working long hours, working overnight shifts, feeling sick or just needing a break. Fear not, we are here to help! Our services include a walk or potty out back (per your instructions), feed, fresh water, treat and administer medication, as required.

1-2 Dogs Backyard Potty Break $20/Visit

1-2 Dogs Walked $23/Visit

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Bird Care and Pocket Pets 

(30 Mins)

Pet birds, as well as pocket pets, are intelligent, active animals whose psychological needs are addressed with proper companionship.  A daily visit with our loving sitter will  provide the loving attention they seek in your absence. Daily cleaning of the cage floor and bowls will be provided along with fresh food and water. 

Small Birds $15/visit

Parrots $20/Visit

All pocket pets are included in our pricing.

Hotel Pet Sitting 

(Hourly Fee)

Part of enjoying a family vacation includes bringing the family pet. But, there are times when the family wants to do things where a pet may not be allowed to participate. Allow us to be of service. One of our professional pet sitters will gladly come to your hotel or beach rental to sit with your pet while you are away.


(2 Hour Minimum)

Our Services

Browse our services below

Pet Taxi Service & Vet Appointments

Our Pet Taxi, program safely and conveniently transports your pet to and from veterinarian and grooming appointments. Additional arrangements can be made to request a sitter to stay with your pet during their scheduled vet appointment.

$35/Hr + mileage 

(Must be within our service area 1 Hour Minimum charge)

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Key Retention Program & Client Lock Out

After our initial consultation, when we receive a copy of your keys, they are coded so that the keys cannot be matched to your personal information. When not in use, your keys will be stored in a secure locked location. At any time you can discontinue this program and we will promptly return your key.

$15 per appointment

Ready to Schedule A Meet & Greet?

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Yes! How do I Contact You?



All Services are Prepaid and Due On or Before 1st Service

We accept Cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, 

Discover, PayPal & E-Check

(Credit Card and PayPal Payments Incur a 5% Processing Fee)

MAJOR HOLIDAYS noted incur a $15.00 surcharge

New Year’s Eve | New Year's Day Memorial Day | 4th of July

Labor Day I Thanksgiving Day I Christmas Eve | Christmas Day


Once reservations are scheduled, a sitter's time has been blocked off especially for you. Please keep our cancellation policy in mind should your plans change.  No Refunds for early return.


Visits cancelled with less than 72 hours notice are non-refundable.


Visits cancelled with less than 7 days notice are non-refundable.